Brain Tumour Research

Today I was reading an article regarding funding for Brain Tumour and in this article it states that “It would take 100 years for brain cancer to catch up current developments in other cancers, health experts have warned” (Telegraph 01-10-2014) I do not know how much of this article is completely accurate but when I read this I could not believe that B.T funding was so far behind.

I have posted the full article link at the end of this blog entry.

Also Brain Tumour research in the United Kingdom only receive less than 1% of national cancer research spending.  (Brain tumour research 2014)

I really think that it is time something is done about this as Brain Tumours have such a high amount of deaths, especially with children and  individuals under the age of 40!

Brain tumour research need around 7 Million raised each year to make a difference!!

(telegraph 01.10.2014)  CAT scan showing glioma brain tumor





Current Fund Raising Ideas!

So for some of our fundraising Ideas is..

  • Organise concert evening to raise money
  • Brain Tumour research coffee & cake morning

More details of these wil be published in due course.

We are also selling Brain Tumour Research Wristbands which come in two colours Pink & yellow for £2.00 each. If you are interested or would like anymore information please email us at

Many thanks.

JustGiving and other Donations Thank you!

We have currently totaled up the amoun that has been donated to £627.00 this on our JustGiving page and from other sources which are not online. Everyone from Malcolm’s family find it important to keep fund raising for the charities and raise awareness for Brain Tumours.

From the bottom of everyone’s heart from the Dale household we would all like to say Thank you for your genrosity and the support you have all shown and together one day we might find a cure thanks to you guys donating and fund raising.

Stories Lots and lots of stories!

We are currently going through Malcolm’s local history articles, For those of you who don’t know Malcolm he was a great lover of writing local history about the area in which he lived (BIshopstoke) and surrounding areas. He most noteable story was about Benny Hill and because of Malcolms efforts there was a plaque made and put in Eastleigh town center for all to see.

Malcolm has written over 200 articles so we would appreciate your patiences as we go and sort through each article and then upload them for you all to see!